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Air Chasing: Bracelet

Instructor: Lois Anderson

Chasing is a term that simply means to shape and especially texture metal with a hammer and special tools. Join Lois Anderson and learn about the air chasing method which allows you to create custom shapes and forms out of metal. Start with copper tubing and learn how to anneal, fold, and begin chasing! You will learn how to produce fun and organic textures that result in a beautiful bracelet to wear home from the class. For those who wish to repeat this class, you may choose to refine your work with the creation of another bracelet and thus gain additional guided experience in this technique, or you may move on to the fabrication of a pendant with instructor guidance It is your choice.

Traditionally, chasing was done with pitch as the backing for the moving of metal. Air chasing uses pockets of air to provide the backing or support while moving the metal. With air chasing you can chase without an expensive investment. All materials and tools will be provided for you including copper tubing, a vise and/or anvil, hammer, and a few dapping punch options. Before you know it you will be chasing with air!

Earlier Event: May 6
Later Event: October 6
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